Is it Safe to Share Your Butt Plugs?

Is it Safe to Share Your Butt Plugs?

Butt plus have gone mainstream thanks to pop culture but do you know it's safe to share your butt plugs with your partner while having fun in the bedroom? Below we share our thought on how to play safe with butt plugs.

Risks You Should Know About

Butt plugs are safe to use, but when you start transferring them from one person to another, then you’re open a whole lot of infections. If it's a toy being used vaginally, then it’s recommended to use a condom if you don’t want to put your parts at risk.

There are a lot more bacteria at play if you want to use your butt plug anally. These bacteria are easily transferred onto your toy and sharing it with people can lead to further infections.

Should I Share My Butt Plugs With People?

It's much safer and hygienic to have separate butt plugs for you and your partner. However, you need to thoroughly clean your toy before the second person starts using if you're going to share your toy. You also need to take note the type of material used in making your toy whether it is a porous material or a non-porous material.

Porous materials have small holes as a part of their nature, which means that any sexual lubricants and fluids you use with them can penetrate through those pores, and no matter how thoroughly you may clean then it will still harbor bacteria. Therefore, make sure to use a condom if you are sharing a porous type of butt plugs.

Non-porous sex toys do not have these pores present as part of their nature, which means that lube, fluids, and other additions, which could enter porous material and present severe dangers, cannot enter at all. The sex toy remains safe and hygienic to us time and again. These are probably the most reliable kinds of toys you can share.

Butt Plug Shapes And Sizes

Butt plugs come in various shapes and sizes, but generally, they all follow a similar pattern. Most butt plugs are narrow and round at the tip of the bulb, while steadily progressing in size until it approaches its widest point.

The base of the butt plug is either narrow or round flared base. The genius of the flared base is that it lets the anal sphincters to relax and squeeze around the neck, keeping the butt plug securely in place. An amateurs butt plug usually has a wide point that is no more than 1 inch in diameter and 2 to 3.5 inches in length insertable portion.

How To Clean Butt Plugs

Proper cleaning of butt plugs is essential to avoid sharing any blood born diseases. Just wash any fecal matter that you may see on the butt plug using hot water and soap.  Avoid transferring any bacteria or nasty infections from the butt plug to the vulva or vagina if you have a vagina.

It’s best to avoid using brushes or scrubbing tools as this can scratch the surfaces of the toy leading to damaging the toy, and scratching of the anus. We hope that this has made sense and helps increase your safety and enjoyment of anal play with toys. Check the manufacturer's instructions before cleaning any toy.

How Long Can I Wear My Butt Plug?

Majority of our discussion in this section is based on medical sense. The plug can press the sensitive lining of the anus located between the anal sphincter and if prolonged can cause ulceration or damage. For this reason, it’s recommended not to wear your butt plugs more than 2-3 hours at a time, even when comfortable. 

Never share sex toys to prevent potential sharing of blood and body fluids and if you are going to share your butt plug with multiple people place a condom on the toy and change the condom between users.

It’s important to take your butt plug out immediately if you notice any pain, bleeding, or discomfort. If you get cramps, feeling of bloating or feel irritable, these can also be signs of damage so be sure to remove the toy straight away. Seek medical help immediately if at any time there is bleeding, pain or discomfort that lasts more than a few minutes after you have removed the butt plug.

What Is The Best Way To Choose A Butt Plug?

It’s best to choose a small size as a first-time user and gradually progress to a bigger size. The key to quality plug is that they are smooth to use and don’t have any sharp surfaces that could damage the sensitive lining of the anal canal. Softer materials like silicone, rubber, and vinyl make a great toy as they are soft, as well as firm enough to allow easy insertion.

When choosing butt plug, it’s essential to get toys with an excellent big base to avoid it falling inside your body. It’s best to avoid cheaper toys when buying your butt plug as they can be made of low-grade materials including petroleum products that can burn the lining of the anal canal.

How To Get Started Using A Butt Plug

Start with a smaller size butt plug, slowly working up to larger sizes. If you try to rush, this can lead to tearing, scratching, or damage to the tissues of the anal canal, which may cause scarring and even loss of enjoyment. Take your time; it’s not a race! Enjoy the new sensations and make sure you use plenty of lube. The more relaxed and comfortable you are the easier insertion will be.

Butt Plug Benefits

Butt plugs are fantastic because they allow you to focus on other pleasure centers. They leave both partners’ hands and attention free to roam elsewhere, providing pressure that enables people to reach climax and experience great pleasure, both anally and vaginally.

Wearing a butt plug is a fantastic way of enhancing your sexual experience because they put pressure on erogenous zones and generate a feeling of fullness.

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